Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Carnival of Space #148

Come one, come all, the Carnival of Space is here!
See strange and marvelous sights, explore the universe, and spend a little time in the spacey side of the internet :-)

The show starts off with A Little Night Music from One Minute Astronomer and Cheap Astronomy's podcasting on the Shape of Space.

After you've delighted your ears, we have a piece from Universe Today: Skydiver Hopes to Break the Speed of Sound in Freefall, which is a seriously cool article.
Mike Simonsen of Simostronomy writes in about the under appreciated Ophiuchus - 13th sign of the Zodiac Apparently the astrology community is Not Happy about this one :-D
Dirty Snowballs in April? Only at One Astronomer's Noise
And the Phillies Mascot gets new spacesuit, collected by collectSpace

Next Big Future presents the Miley presentation on nuclear fusion rockets and spaceplanes, and conduces on Better superconductors for MHD
Beyond Apollo sends in a piece about Tycho, aptly titled Mission to Tycho
The Spacewriter writes in on The Saga of Eta Caritene ,set to go off at any minute! Or in 10,000 years.
Things start getting a little weird at Weird Warp: How to measure the Atmosphere of another Planet and a LOT weird over at Weird Sciences with a little light reading on Euclidean Relativity's Take on Space and Time and the plausiblity of a Time Machine

Paul D. Spudis, at The Once and Future Moon talks about how NASA lost its way back to our lunar companion, and A Babe in the Universe writes about NASA's shuttle program and Constellation in Sidemount Reconsidered

As a closer, we come to the best part of Space Blogging:

Astroengine posts some Gorgeous Baby Stars in the Orion Nebula, imaged by Spitzer
The Lunar and Planetary Institute's flickr photostream
The Planetary Society Blog Unexplained Chain of Lunar Craters

If YOU, yes you, have any recent pictures of Mercury and Venus, Discovery News wants them.

Do you run a space-related blog? Come join the Carnival! Just send a link to info@universetoday.com.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Investing in a boat might not be a bad idea...

If you're in New England, you know what I'm talking about -- the epic flooding is beyond crazy.

But, I digress...what was I going to post about? Something big....Oh yeah.

The LHC is the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, 27km (roughly 17 mi) in circumference, spanning the France-Switzerland border. It's purpose is to smash protons together at very high speeds and energies, replicating conditions before the Big Bang. Physicists hope to use data from the LHC to address some major questions we have about our universe, such as the origin of mass, the grand unification of forces and the presence of abundant dark matter in the universe.

A few days ago, the LHC started collisions. THE LHC STARTED COLLISIONS!! (I get giddy just thinking about it). Hopefully some of you managed to catch the live webcast -- it was pretty cool and full of happy physicists. Cern also has posted a press release, which is also full of happy physicists. Yay happy physicists!

Moving to Lunar news, even more evidence has been found for usable water on the moon, in an old Apollo mission lunar surface picture, no less. This little gem popped up at me this morning from Astronomy Picture of the Day -- check it out!

Happy April, 

-- Kathryn