Monday, March 29, 2010

Carnival of Space, and a sagan of Sagan

Carnival of Space #147 is up, hosted by Bruce over at Weird Sciences.
There is some very cool stuff over there -- so clicky click the lovely link!

In other news, I just started chewing through "The Demon-Haunted World", by Carl Sagan. Have to take it in small chunks, it simultaneously makes me weepy and furious and inspired...but mostly wistful. I really, really wish I could have met him. Is it reasonable to mourn a man I never met, had no hope of meeting?
I am so *incredibly* motivated by Dr. Sagan, almost obsessively so. His life, his mirrors much of what I hope to accomplish in my own life. I feel compelled to follow where he lead: promoting science, looking to the stars, reaching out to other life...?
I hope I can live up to his legacy, that my own life and my own work will be a credit to my inspiration.

On a lighter note...Sagan-Man!

-- Kathryn

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bits and Bobs

One Solar Piece of Flair -- the sun has been swinging back into the active bit of it's 11-year solar cycle, so they'll be lot's more interesting activity to study
(from Bad Astronomy)

Hermit mathematician refuses prize -- *this* is the guy who solved the PoincarĂ© conjecture? I know genius often goes hand in hand with eccentricity, but still...

A History of the Sky -- A time-lapse visualization of the sky over San Francisco for an entire year, from various locations. A work in progress, but *very* cool.

21 UNBELIVABLE pictures of Mars -- avalanches, ice, dust storms, and beauty beyond comparison. Pictures like these keep me going.

A Map of the Internet -- and oldy but goody from xkcd, just in case you get lost (hopefully not out by the Dragons!). What part are you from?

A New Day

I let this slip for a while... I'm now going to try *really* hard to get up a post a week.

I've got a laundry list of excuses (vacation, school, surgery), but what it really comes down to is I have a hard time imagining that people actually want to listen to what I have to say, about anything -- much less astronomy, which I confess I know very, very little about. I'm an enthusiastic fraud.

But...after today I've had, not exactly a change of heart, but a change of mind.
I had the opportunity to meet with Ann Marie Cunningham, the executive director of NPR's Science Friday Initiative, the non-profit partner of Science Friday  -- she gave a talk at Bridgewater State College about science, technology, and education.

The event didn't exactly go off as planned -- only one guest showed in addition to the organizers and myself -- but I got a lot out of it nonetheless. The smaller, more personal group allowed me one-on-one time with Ann Marie to chat about social media, the SFI, and our experiences with science education and promotion -- me as a student breaking in, she as an educator and journalist who's been doing this for years.

I told her about this semi-dead blog I started, and she really encouraged me to pick the reins back up again!
I'm not offering trendy gimics or a nice and neat schedule of features. 
I do promise to do at least one post a week, to share links when I find them, and to participate in webrings like the Carnival of Science. Scout's honor, webnag me if I lapse!

-- CS